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Directors select pieces, cast actors, coordinate rehearsals and execute bringing a scene from page to stage.

If you are interested in directing, please email with your phone number, relevant experience and general availability.



tell your story

 If you are interested in writing, please note that all 10-minute plays must be 8-12 pages or less than 2,000 words and monologues must be 3-5 minutes or less than1,000 words. Pieces that are simple to produce and are received before the deadline are prioritized. 

Deadlines for the upcoming month's show are on the 1st of that month (an 8/26 show would have an 8/1 writing deadline). See "upcoming shows" for themes and details.

Email all submissions to



make it yours

If you are an actor and want to be cast in an upcoming show, please email your headshot and resume to to be added to our Actor Database.

If you are a singer, dancer, spoken word artist, orator, performance artist, acrobat, stand up comic or anything else and you'd like to submit an original piece, email with a description of your piece.

Production Team

make it happen

Associate Producers

Associate Producers support the show on-the-ground. They may be asked to find an unusual prop for a scene, assist a director with casting, communicate details to a vendor or even pour wine for guests on show day! No task is too big or too small. As we transition to new leadership in 2024, we hope that associate producers will move into larger roles with more creative input and control. 

Production Assistants

Production Assistants typically support the production on dress rehearsal and show day. They may be asked to assist in running sound, taking BTS photos, building out the design for the space (or design it themselves!) 

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