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ever wonder what it would look like if SNL, The Moth and your 7th grade Talent Show had a baby?

ATL Original Works is a monthly themed cabaret-style variety show with 4-6 completely original pieces, ranging from 10-minute plays, spoken word performances, comedy sketches, dances, monologues and musical numbers. Each show is built around a specific theme, runs 75 mins or less, is driven by a host with stand-up experience and ends with a musical guest or musical number.


But it’s more than just a consistent, reliable space for writers, directors, artists and performers to hone their craft and showcase their skills while delivering an engaging, entertaining show with a high production value for an audience. It’s also a community of hungry, scrappy makers and doers that push each other to create what’s inside of them not because it’s perfect and ready, but because the stage lights are coming up at 8pm on Saturday.


Upcoming Shows

all shows last Saturday of every month
all writing deadlines on the 1st of every month


The Dating Game - Feb 24


Breaking Up With Yourself:

stories of healing, growing and saying no to the things that don't serve you.  


Our Online Lives:

explorations of technology and our lives non-physical


Confessions of a Courtesan:

stories based on the life of former sex worker
Akilah Waldon-Bryant
(please email us directly if you are interested in writing)


Be Gay And Do Crimes

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